This project is born from all the issues I personally had running my lightning apps.

There are some other monitoring tools out there, checking that the process is "alive". The issue I found with those was that it often require coding, hard to setup. Another issue was of "fake green", the node being online and responding correctly but actually invoices could not be paid, among other more common bugs.

So I think that the best way to monitor it, is to actually make the client generate and send an invoice to the monitoring service, pay and get paid. The only way to garanty 100% that everything is working. Enters

The service is a Software as a service with a heartbeat script, that will every hour generate, send and pay a 1 sat invoice to the client Lightning node, ensuring that everything is working.

It's easy and quick to setup, as easy as download an run some python scripts, no coding required. The product has been running on my own apps for more than a month now and the uptime has dramatically improved. Simply put, it worked for me.

Made By

Guillaume Verbal (@Doweig)

French expat in Bangkok, Thailand. Building on Bitcoin.

Connect to my lightning node
We are using LND with bitcoin-core as backend, node infos here.
Tech Stack

Proudly made *entirely* in JavaScript

Front-End: Twitter Bootstrap + VueJS
Back-End: NodeJS + SailsJS + MongoDB